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We are
Creative Collection

Our Story

我們成立於2015年,從在一間咖啡廳開始,接待了我們的第一個客戶,一直到現在,我們經手了Bobbi Brown、安麗、保樂力加、Fossil、遠傳電信、寶島眼鏡、桂冠、美吾髮、Man Venus維娜斯、富邦momo等知名企業!

Established in 2015, We started from working out of café with 1 client to managing global/locally recognized brands such a Bobbi Brown, Amway , Pernod Ricard, Fossil, Far Eas Tone, Formosa Optical, Laurel , maywufa, Man Venus, fubon momo


Our vision was to create a social first marketing agency, instead of “just another marketing agency”who does it all



Our objective is through using social marketing, create more meaningful relationships between brands and consumers, working side by side with clients to generate highly engaging content, over different media formats, that deeply resonates with their fanbase

What Makes Us betterflexibleaffordable

As team we share the love of bring people together, This is the reason why we do what we do

We are straight up, and are willing to tell clients what they don’t want to hear, because we consider ourselves a long-term partner and not a short term vender

Unlike big agencies, We are nimble and flexible, this means we can adapt quickly to whatever situation that arises

We pride ourselves on our production quality, therefore we will never cut corners on quality